Che-Yu Chou (周哲宇)

Master Student

Graduate Institute of Data Science,
Taipei Medical University, Taiwan


  • 2013/09 - 2017/06, B.S., Department of Statistics and Information Science, Fu Jen University, New Taipei, Taiwan

Scientific Publications

  1. C.C. Wang, P. Lin, C.Y. Chou, S.S. Wang and C.W. Tung* (2020) Prediction of human fetal–maternal blood concentration ratio of chemicals, PeerJ, 8, e9562.

Conference Presentations

  1. C.Y. Chou, P. Lin, J. Kim, S.S. Wang, C.C. Wang* and C.W. Tung* (2021) Ensemble learning for predicting ex vivo human placental barrier permeability, The 19th Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC2021), Tainan, Taiwan. Feb 3-5 (Oral).
  2. C.Y. Chou, P.P. Lin, J. Kim, S.S. and W. , C.C. Wang* and C.W. Tung* (2020) An Ensemble Method for Predicting Placental Transfer of Chemicals, 2020 Teacher and Student Joint Academic Research Symposium, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan. Oct 30-Nov 6 (Poster).